Cloverland will provide a stunning white
horse for the bar
aat (marriage
procession) for your traditional:
Asian, Indian, Sikh, Hindu, or Moslem
wedding occa

The word, "Baraat" is a Hindi word meaning, “a
marriage procession.” In north Indian communities it is
customary for the bridegroom to travel to the bride's
house on a white/grey horse, accompanied by his
family members. This often becomes a huge
procession, with its own band, dancers, and budget.
The groom and his horse are covered in finery and do
not usually take part in the dancing and singing; that is
left to the "baraatis" or people accompanying the
procession. The term "baraati" is also used to describe
any invitee from the groom's side. The baraat headed
by a display of fireworks is usually accompanied by the
rhythm of the dholak or melam. The Baraat reaches a
special meeting point, and the elders of both the
families meet and welcome the groom with garlands
and aarati.  Aarati is a Hindu ritual, in which a
devotional song is sung to develop the highest love
for God. "Aa" means "towards", and "rati" means "the
highest love for God" in Sanskrit. Aarti or Arti is also a
common name for Hindu girls.
The noise and excitement of an Asian wedding, the
Asian wedding music, the amazing sound of the dhol
drummers, combined with the wedding crowds, and
fireworks may cause horses at the Indian wedding to
shy and rear. Our horses are at home in the extremely
exciting atmosphere of an Asian wedding.
Our White Wedding Horses enable the Asian groom to
ride in style with composure and elegance to meet his
Asian bride at the baraat for their BIG DAY!
We offer a white horse and carriage,” the Ghori”
decorated in traditional Indian wedding accessories,
which include a beautifully decorated red and gold
embroidered cloth outfit. By transporting your Indian
bridegroom to his wedding in this fashion will show,
“his power, community standing, and wealth” as he
arrives in style. The large traditional decorated
umbrella is also of course available to keep with the
tradition of style and power, and to ward away the evil
spirits. The Ghori is as important as the Baraat itself, at
a traditional Asian wedding.
Should anyone in the NJ, NY or PA areas have a need
for a truly special and unique traditional Indian
wedding with a beautifully decorated stunning white
horse for a “Baraat” or horse and carriage for the ”the
Ghori” please contact us ASAP to reserve your date.